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Jared Goulette was born and raised in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Currently based out of Maine and a graduate from The Maine College of Art, Jared works full-time as a Professional Mural Painter. From geometric to organic, Jared is creating new designs, canvases, and completely custom large-scale interior and exterior wall murals constantly. He uses a vibrant color palette and often showcases a multitude of shadowing, highlight effects and more to push the dimension and realism in his paintings, murals, and digital designs.


“My Medium of choice is Molotow Premium spray paint. Spray paint isn't just spray-able paint. It's about the skill and finesse of controlling the can and the subtle application of pressure. It’s about the enjoyment of pushing tiny particles of vibrant pigment over a soft three-color fade or the simple beauty of a crisp outline, or intentional drip. Painting is a mental release for me personally. It is a chance to be taken on a journey by my creativity, to explore the endless possibilities.” -JG  

"Thank You to my Mom and Dad and my incredible group of family, friends and clients who support me and my artwork." -JG